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       Brighton Recording / UKMastering      


Tel: 01273 324995



                                         Chris Daniels Music Productions


                    The Leading Pro Tools HD Recording, Mixing and Mastering facility for Brighton & the South

A World class studio in Brighton... The World standard Pro Tools HD and a seasoned professional with an impressive CV & 25 years experience!  Using the same tools that all top artists and producers use worldwide! Pro Tools HD! Simply because NOTHING else sounds as good!!

Mixing & Mastering!... we are one of largest and most advanced "cutting edge" mixing & Mastering facilities in the South of the UK. And easily the best equipped in Brighton, But of course it's the skill of the engineer that really counts!! We use Pro Tools 10 HD6 Accel, 192 tracks with 192k converters + UAD2 & SSL processing cards/plugins & the latest Apple MacPro 8-core computers

The very best A-Class Outboard: Manley / Tube-Tech / Lexicon / Eventide / Orban / Solid State Logic / Anthony DeMargio / Groove Tubes etc and the Best TDM double precision Plugins available, ALL Genuine!! from Waves / Brainworx / SSL / UAD / SPL / DUY plus many more! A Huge spacious control room with enough space for 20 executive producers! Amazing monitoring! Digidesign 24 channel control surface with total recall & 6 lava lamps! make this the first choice studio for those who are serious about their careers!

  Organised Rhyme Productions & Remixes







    Narrow Plains

         Jetglo    Jo Harman Live    Kevin Rowland Furyon And    Matt Mitchell

Gary Husbands Force Majeur

   John"00"Fleming  Karl Johnson





The Christians

The Blinders 

Cattle & Cane

   Natalie McCool       Paul Cook          Spinn     The Magnets   



Mixing & Remixes...





Gloria Estefen 

DJ Sasha

   Simple Minds        Delerium     Donell Jones         Mansun   

Sometimes remix

Don't let this moment end remix   

 Mongoose M.O.D.E. Remix

 Belfast Trance John"00"fleming remix

Silence "M.O.D.E. Remix

You know that i love you remix

 Wide open space and     TaxLoss





Recording & Tracking!... Using boutique A-Class Valve and Solid state Equipment & Microphones!

We Record Vocals with the World leading Sony C800G tube mic, power by the Groove Tubes Vi-Pre! boasting 8 valves and variable impedance, a true high voltage A-class 100% all valve preamp, into the Tube-Tech CL1B Valve compressor to the Manley Massive Passive EQ then converted into digital with the digidesign 192! there's no better recording path anywhere!! We also have a Huge collection of drum and instrument mics by Electrovoice / Sennheiser / Beyer / AKG etc and Separate rooms for recording vocals / drums / guitars / brass for tight clean recordings with no overspill



Mastering service!... our online mastering site.

The best equipment best monitoring and years of experience to get you the very best masters possible! Guaranteed to get the best sounding tracks that really stand out, with volume & clarity on all systems. We master for artists all over the World! Check our dedicated mastering site for more info and demos, here!


    Chris Daniels Music Production
Brighton Recording/UKMastering
197-201 B, Church Road, 
Brighton & Hove 
BN3 2AB