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Brighton Recording 


Tel: 01273 324995



Not all studios were born equal


For  people who  strive for  the very  best!  look no further.

The very best A-Class boutique Valve pre amps, compressors & Equalizers and the very best Valve & Solid State microphones.

The  World's  leading  recording  setup  Pro Tools HD6 Accel.

Accurate and detailed monitoring and a great room to work in!

Plus an engineer/producer with 30 years experience!!


   Just some of the reasons to record at the studio...
  • PRO TOOLS HD Recording and mixing! Superior sound quality, unmatched processing power.
  • SONY C-800G Valve mic! legendary mic used by the Worlds elite recording artists.
  • GROOVE TUBES ViPRE Rare A-Class High Voltage all valve pre-amp. with variable impedance & rise rate
  • MANLEY VARI-MU All Valve Variable stereo compressor. The final glue that holds a mix together.
  • MANLEY MASSIVE PASSIVE All Valve stereo equalizer.
  • TUBE-TECH CL-1B warm creamy sounding A-class Valve compressor.
  • ANTHONY DE MARIO AD600 VALVE PRE-AMP High Voltage 2 channel pre-amp
  • APHEX 20Z VALVE PRE-AMP 2 channel mic-pre with great saturation characteristics.
  • SOLID STATE LOGIC VHD PRE-AMPS X2 Classic SSL Sound with Variable Harmonic Distortion option.
  • HAFLER TRM  Active monitoring, detailed and accurate.
  • LARGE CONTROL ROOM! Spacious and acoustically treated.
  • DIGIDESIGN 192 CONVERTERS! Top of the range 192k digital conversion.
  •  Monitoring                                                                                              
  • Hafler TRM 8.1 active near fields
  • Hafler 10.1 active sub bass 
  • EV Sentry 500 large main monitors plus 2 x 15" sub bass
  • Bowers & Wilkins 802 Audio file reference speakers
  • Hafler Yamaha & Quad amps
  • Beyer Dynamic DT100 headphones x 6
  • Mics
  • Sony C800-G Valve mic (with cooling radiator)
  • Electro-Voice RE-20
  • Electro-Voice RE-27
  • AKG 451 X2
  • AKG 727 X 2
  • Groove Tubes GT33 X 2
  • Sennheiser 441u3
  • Shure SM57 X 3, SM58 X2
  • Beyer M88tg X 2
  • Beyer M201 nc X 2
  • Superlux R102 x2 Ribbon mics
  • Audio Technica ATM33 X 2