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THAT Vocal Sound!!                                                                          
When it comes to vocal recording! there's absolutely no cutting corners! We use the best! The Sony C800-G Tube Mic has been the choice for many of the World's elite recording artists! "except no substitute" Use the real deal!  
The  Sony C800-G  mic,  Groove Tubes ViPRE  valve pre amp, Tube-tech  CL-1B  valve compressor and the Digidesign 192 A/D converter is a winning  combination  every  time!  



Sony C800-G  Renowned  as  the best and  most  detailed sounding microphone ever! costing nearly 6000

As used  by  the  World's top  artists;  Beyonce,  StingMaria Carey,  Katie Melua  &  top Producer  Dr Dre!...

"I  like my  vocals to sound  'crystal,'" says  Dre. "I use the Sony C800-G for vocals." My main objective  is that the vocal sound is present and clean and ultimately does not distort.  We've used  it  forever and  have made many hits on it.




Vocal booth!

Enough room for up to 10 singers!

sound proof and sound treated to be quiet and reflection free!

 Microphone collection

 A microphone for any occasion!