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Soft Rock / Indie House / Trance / Jazz / Country rock / Pop / Other


Commercial Trance Classical rock
Elasticated New gold dream Chappers Don't go changing
                   Matt Mitchell                    Remix for Euphoria                    Force majeure                    for publishing
Girl with design Belfast Child Feat Jerry Goodman Saturday night
                   New brand leaders                    Simple minds remix                    Force Majeure                    for publishing
Dare to watch Law unto myself Shadows of love I'm in love with you
                   Matt Mitchell                    Remix for perfecto                    The Blue Hearts                    for publishing
Sadie Sometimes Dark side of town Jewel
                   New brand leaders                    Erasure                    The Blue Hearts                    for publishing
Reason Avenging Angels
                   New brand leaders                    Space                   
Letting go  Wide open space
                   Matt Mitchell                     Mansun                   
Embrace Don't let this moment end
                   Matt Mitchell                    Gloria Estefen                   
Never be lonely   Rhythm of the night
                   Matt Mitchell                     Powerhouse                   
All eyes on me
                   Matt Mitchell                                         
Like you said
                   Matt Mitchell                                      
How the great will fall
                    New brand leaders